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De Haas had a wealth of experience with chiming watches and knew that omega seamaster replica needed to create a sonnerie to be able to compete with the likes Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet. It was difficult because no one had ever worked with striking watches. "The movements were purchased from Swiss companies, and then finished at omega seamaster replica.

De Haas was open to the challenge and saw his role as Development Director as helping prepare the company for the future. This meant making watches but also creating knowledge. He says, "It's noble," but "The problem is,Omega Replica Watches how do you start?" It would have been easy for me just to call Giulio Papai and ask him to create a mechanism. This is not the case today. omega seamaster replica, a brand I believe in, should be able to develop and build these complications in-house.

De Haas was inspired by his new mission and set about making plans for a minute repeater. The manufacture was also working on a Grand Complication No. pocket watch. 42500. De Haas was inspired by the masterpiece of the past and decided that omega seamaster replica should enter the world striking watches with a bang. He reinterpreted No.42500 to be a wristwatch.

The Grand Complication No. The stunning Grand Complication No. 42500 pocket watch

The project took seven years, with the gong development taking up most of the time. De Haas states, "Officially, I could have purchased gongs in Switzerland." "But there are only three to four men who can make them. We were determined to learn this skill. It took us nearly two years to complete this task.Richard Mille Replica Watches We had to test the weight of the hammers, determine the size of the gong, and tension in the spring that binds the two. I had a little knowledge about building repeaters for APRP, and my goal was "to pass this on."

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